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CIMETCC Structures and main functions
·Administrative Division

Functions: Secretariat, HR, Finance, domestic industrial liaison, internal coordination.
·Foreign Liaison Division
Functions: foreign liaison & exchange, initiation of delegations for MSMEs visiting abroad, invitation of foreign companies & institutions to China for field investigations and talks.
·Network & Info Division
Functions: maintenance & management of CIMETCC website; collection of domestic & international info on economics, trade, financing, investment, policies and regulations; to serve and recruit online members.
·Convention Division
Functions: organization of international exhibitions, fairs, forums and workshops on materials & equipment trade and logistics; to initiate MSMEs in materials & equipment trade and logistics exhibiting abroad.
·Division for International Trade & Cooperation
Functions:To collect related info on foreign & domestic trade; to organize trade talks for importers & exporters; to assist domestic companies to introduce & promote high tech projects; to provide policies & regulation info on international trade, investment & financing.

·Project Division
Functions: logistics project info release for logistics MSMEs; consultation service for feasibility studies & planning on logistics project; targeting domestic & international investors and financing partners for logistics projects.
·Trade Division
Functions: info release to MSMEs about domestic & foreign trade of capital goods; organization of fairs of capital goods; consultation service for imports & exports of capital goods.
·Economic Development Division
Functions: research and compilation of regional economic development policies and projects info; to help the projects introduction and promotion for MSMEs, logisitcs companies and local government agencies; to provide consultancy service for MSMEs at home and abroad.

·Economic & Technological Cooperation Division
Functions: project info release to MSMEs of materials & equipment trade and logistics; introduction of partners, investment and high-tech to the projects; organization of promotion meetings and talks for projects.
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