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About Us

Dear friends,
Welcome to the homepage of China International Material & Equipment Trade Cooperation Center (CIMETCC.  Original name is CILCC). Your journey through the website will start our friendship and cooperation.
The CIMETCC was founded at the end of 1992, as an institution under the former Ministry of Material & Equipment Management and the former Ministry of Internal Trade. Currently it is affiliated with the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council.
The CIMETCC serves as a solid bond and bridge to help and promote the exchange and economic & trade cooperation among Chinese and foreign companies, in the sector of materials & equipment trade and logistics.
Our services include the data collection, consultation, project talks initiation, field investigations planning, and to organize international forums, workshops, fairs and exhibitions. We also handle the liaison for some government agencies. Our newly developed services are to introduce and promote high-tech projects for domestic companies, and to organize the planning of logistics parks.   
In the 21st century, political and economic situations at home and abroad are in dramatic changes. Chinese economy will thrive, with intensified reforms and extensive opening. The CIMETCC will stick to its principles of Sincerity, Service, Practice and Profit. We will serve Chinese MSMEs in the sector of materials & equipment trade and logistics, by means of international economic & trade exchange and the planning of logistics parks. The CIMETCC will be the bridge for Chinese and foreign MSMEs crossing borders.
CIMETCC will be your true friend and partner.



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